10 November 2011

Missionary update....

Dear Sisters,

As many of you know, there was a tragic accident this week involving three of our missionaries in the McAllen mission field.  You can read the official press release from the church by clicking here.

While we are heartbroken and saddened by this recent event, there is no question we have all been united in our faith and sincere prayer for the elders and their families.  We as a Relief Society Presidency have been contacted by several sisters asking how they can help.  We have received direction from our stake leaders and wanted to pass along this information with the hopes of answering your questions.

We have been instructed by our stake leaders as follows:

Many members have inquired regarding memorial services for the deceased elders.  According to President Trayner there will be a memorial service but it will be exclusively for full-time missionaries (per mission guidelines).  We ask that members respect President Trayner's instructions.

Members may honor the elders in the following ways:
1) This Sunday they may join with the full-time missionaries as they fast for the families of each of these elders.
2) If they would like to write a letter of condolence or appreciation they may do so.  The Bishopric will collect any letters and deliver them to the stake so they may forward them to the families.
3) Invite the full-time missionaries to teach investigators in your homes so that the work may continue to blossom in our area.

McAllen 1st Relief Society Presidency

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