21 August 2011

September Book Club Meeting...Mark Your Calendars!

Come join us for an evening of insightful discussion and fellowship.  We are excited to kick-off our first book club meeting for September with what will no doubt be an amazing and spiritually uplifting read!  So hurry Sisters and order your books!!  Available at Deseret Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, Amazon (Kindle version only) and Seagull Book.

September's book is Kris Belcher's new book, Facing the Sun, she identifies several common "light-blockers" that can impair our spiritual eyesight.  She offers practical remedies, suggesting ways in which we can choose to face the Son and feel His Spirit in our lives.  Her down-to-earth stories, keen insights, often-humorous perspective, and unswerving faith will fill your heart with light.

We hope you can all join us for this special event!!

When:  Thursday, September 22nd

Where:  TBD

Time:  7:00PM

Refreshments will be provided.

Reminder:  Sisters, please try to finish reading or get through most of the book prior to our get-together so we can discuss it and share our thoughts more fully.

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