28 November 2010

Lighting up Temple Square

“We do this to share the most important message in the world: the birth of Christ.”
—Eldon Cannon, Grounds Services group manager

"By early August, cables and extension cords are winding up the trunks of many of the trees on Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the weeks hurry past, strands of tiny LED lights seem to grow from even the smallest tree branches. November brings the greatest changes with a rush of workers, missionaries, and volunteers setting up garlands, luminarias, lanterns, and nativities. When Thanksgiving is over, Temple Square will be ready to bring a unique and special spirit to the Christmas season.

The nativities from around the world bear testimony of the Savior's birth. The glowing luminarias offer messages of peace, joy, and hope. And the lights invite visitors to remember the Light of the World. The flurry of set up activity will subside after Thanksgiving. A night crew will turn the lights on and off in the evenings, walk the grounds to be sure all is well, and perform any maintenance that is needed. When the season ends on January 1, 2011, the lights will go out, but the grounds crew hopes that the memories of visitors' spiritual experiences will continue to burn brightly."  --excerpt of article from taken from LDS.org "Lighting up Temple Square"

To read more about the immense work that is put into creating such a beautiful array of lights on Temple Square for the Christmas holiday, click here.

To view the slide show of the Christmas light project, click here.

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