30 April 2011

The Civility Experiment


  1. Hello Dear Relief Society Sisters, I found your blog via Google while looking for art work as I am starting a blog for my ward, Bellingham 3rd Ward in Washington State. I was hoping you could direct me to where you found the banner with the Relief Society symbol followed by the Relief Society written in script and the words Charity Never Faileth underneith. If you need to see it I'll be happy to contact you directly but I do not feel comfortable posting my email on your site. I love the blog you created by-the-way. I hope ours will be equally as beautiful! Thank you for your time.

  2. Hi Monique...thanks for stopping by our blog. I actually created the banner for this blog. One of the photographs in the banner is of our RS sisters, and the other photographs were found online-including the RS motto/emblem. I actually can't remember the exact website where I found it, but I'm sure if you just do a general search for RS emblem picture, you can find it. The banner and the cursive script were all created using Picasa. You just use 3-6 pictures and create a picture collage in Picasa and then you can add the text. Here is a link to a great tutorial on how to make a blog banner using Picasa:


    Hope this helps!