19 March 2011

RS Presidency Message for March

Dear Sisters,

We invite you to prayerfully ask for guidance through the feelings of the Holy Ghost to help you and guide you as you work on your genealogy work.  We are reminded of this tender message from President Henry B. Eyring of the First Presidency of the Church.

"Think of the Savior when you meet Him...He has trusted you by letting you hear the gospel in your lifetime, giving you the chance to accept the obligation to offer it to those of our ancestors who did not have your priceless opportunity.  Think of the gratitude He has for those who pay the price in work and faith to find the names of their ancestors and who love them and Him enough to offer them eternal life in families, the greatest of all the gifts of God.  He offered them an infinite sacrifice.  He will love and appreciate those who paid whatever price they could to allow their ancestors to choose His offer of eternal life...their hearts are bound to you.  Their hope is in your hands.  You will have more than your own strength as you choose to labor on to find them."

With all our love,
McAllen 1st Relief Society Presidency

Monica Rocha, President
Michelle Merwin, 1st Counselor
Jennifer Mask, 2nd Counselor
Mari Lorenzon, Secretary

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